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Episode 62: Jo Stewart-Rattray
First Aired: March 08, 2021

Director, BRM Advisory
ISACA member

Adelaide business leader and information security veteran, Jo Stewart-Rattray, has been recognised for her tireless work educating and mentoring future generations of IT professionals and breaking down gender barriers in the IT industry, taking out Highly Commended in the Australian Women in Security Network’s 2020 Award of the Year.

For over 25 years Jo has championed gender equality in the security industry culminating in the establishment of SheLeadsTech, a program Jo pioneered with global professional association, ISACA, aimed at educating, mentoring and empowering women in tech. In under four years, SheLeadsTech has grown from a base of zero, to being embraced on five continents, and now is one of the core programs of ISACA’s newly launched One In Tech foundation. Over 10,000 community professionals have engaged in SheLeadsTech events and online platforms to promote gender equality, address the gender pay gap, enhance the careers of women in IT and offer a safe space to discuss their experiences.

“Even as technology transforms the global economy at a staggering pace, we are still dealing with the gender bias that hampered our mothers and grandmothers,” said Stewart-Rattray. “A challenge this large and this persistent can feel overwhelming, but there are steps each of us can take to make meaningful progress. If we are resolute, the day will come when our classrooms, offices and board rooms are filled with empowered women and girls ready to make their mark on the technology workforce.“I am honoured to have received the Highly Commended Award amongst the amazing finalists for this year’s award. There is still much to do, and working together we can all help to break down these archaic barriers.”

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