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Episode 60: Jason Duerden
First Aired: February 22, 2021

As Managing Director for BlackBerry’s Spark Division, Jason Duerden is responsible for building and executing the business in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). In this region, he drives strategy, operations and growth of BlackBerry’s next-generation platform, BlackBerry Spark. Jason brings over 10 years of leadership and business management and technology acumen experience to BlackBerry with domain knowledge in the cyber arena.

Following the acquisition of Cylance in Feb 2019, the BlackBerry Spark platform is the realisation of BlackBerry’s successful pivot to AI software and cybersecurity leader, offering a new unified endpoint security (UES) layer which can work with BlackBerry® unified endpoint management (UEM) to deliver zero trust security. Leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation, BlackBerry Spark offers improved cyberthreat prevention and remediation, and provides visibility across desktop, mobile, server, and IoT (including automotive) endpoints.

Jason leads a team that brings together sales and technical experts to deliver a unified platform and cyber services, offering a wide range of skills and expertise for the ANZ market to help navigate the demands of secure workplace mobility, business continuity and cyber threats to ensure operational resiliency. Prior to this, Jason was the Regional Director for BlackBerry Cylance responsible for building and leading the supply chain for BlackBerry Cylance in Australia and New Zealand. He was recognised as a CRN top Channel Chief in 2018.

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