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Episode 59: Mandy Turner
First Aired: February 05, 2021

Mandy is a firm believer that diversity in all its forms should be encouraged to promote innovation and find solutions to challenges facing the world.

She herself has had a diverse career ranging from musician, artist, fraud investigator, risk assessor, trainer and analyst. She is currently the Manager of The University of Queensland Cyber Security Operation Centre, and prior to that was a Senior Cyber Crime Intelligence Analyst with the Australian Government.

She has held various roles in information security and investigations including security incident response, malware analysis, communications, and fraud investigator. With 20 years of specialist experience in the Australia Public Service, she has expertise in information security, cybercrime in emerging technologies, risk assessment, digital forensics, cybercrime analysis and fraud investigation.

In her own time, she volunteers at the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) as the Brisbane branch Executive Chair, is the co-founder and Australian Director of Cyber Century Mentoring, is a Justice of the Peace, and an Adjunct Lecturer in Criminology at The University of Queensland.

Mandy mentors students and those new to the infosec industry, speaks at conferences and events, has guest lectured at both The University of Queensland and Griffith University and writes about cybercrime and security awareness. She tweets as @empressbat and plays MMORPG. Her drink of choice is coffee.


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