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Episode 56: Benjamin Andrew
First Aired: January 15, 2021

Ben has an extensive background in cloud security and enterprise software, with over twenty years in enterprise software; primarily in Security and Compliance.

Starting his technical career building data centers as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Ben then secured data centers for Fortune 500 customers at McAfee. Learning common security challenges from customers, Ben moved into product management and was responsible for the data center and virtualization security product strategy and roadmap before moving on to work with strategic alliances at Intel Security identifying partners, defining and executing partner strategy, and driving alternate routes to market.

Ben moved to AWS in 2015 to AWS Marketplace which helps customers find, buy, and immediately start using software and services that run on the AWS Cloud. He spent 5 years driving partner integration as worldwide leader of Security, Networking, Open Source and Operating System categories, engaging directly with software vendors, influencing their product strategy and delivering software in a new cloud model. First as an individual contributor, then managing a team helped to bring vendor products to AWS Marketplace drive customer adoption and revenue.

Benjamin Andrew is now a Principal Technical PM for AWS in Migration, Marketplace & Control Services coordinating the phased delivery of a set of prescriptive Service Management Frameworks to simplify cloud adoption helping enterprises improve the management and governance of their cloud environments. Providing end-to-end deployable patterns that include interoperability between third-party offerings from AWS Marketplace and AWS management and governance services.

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