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Episode 52: Kavika Singhal
First Aired: December 09, 2020

My passion for cyber-security stems from my interest in mystery novels and crime shows since the age of 8. Somehow, I enjoyed the process of unravelling the unidentified. Being an ardent leaner, I explored my interest in computer science and being a consistent school topper, I was fortunate enough to secure the Vice-Chancellor scholarship at Western Sydney University. As an addition to my degree, I am working as research assistant with a Cyber-security Professor in WSU; assisting in her research in Ethical Hacking and Payment Fraud.

Outside my degree, I work as a volunteer for several institutions and non-profit organisations. To spread awareness about internet security and safety among elders, I undertook the role of a key speaker in the Digital Literacy Program for Senior Citizens at the Indian Support Center; a contribution to the senior citizens. I am recently selected for Microsoft Student Accelerator Program (MSA) to coordinate as Marketing Lead for my University (WSU); was successful in getting more than 1500 registrations for the program and currently head MSA’s Social Media team.

Cyber-security is expected to continue to boom in future and become a necessity for every company. As a student, it’s my duty to raise cyber awareness among the common kin and understand each aspect of security As an entrant in Cyber-security, I am overwhelmed by the plethora of opportunities in Cyber-security hence, I grab every chance to interact with veterans in the field.

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