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Episode 43: Dan Graves
First Aired: September 18, 2020

Daniel Graves is currently Chief Technology Officer at Delphix, responsible for strategy technology partnerships including AWS, GCP, IBM, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft. Graves is a software and cloud industry veteran of over 20 years with a diverse background in other functions including technology partnerships, business development, marketing, CTO, sales management, program management, presales, and as a developer.

At Delphix Graves assists with defining the overall partner and alliance strategy, and hiring and managing the team of business development, channel sales, and technical partner development staff. Previously at Delphix, Daniel built the Product organization from the ground up, including Product Management, Product Marketing, Program Management, and Delphix Labs. Prior to Delphix, Graves served as Cloud CTO at Symantec, leading technical and product strategy for the Cloud.

Over his career, he has led product groups at a variety of leading technology firms including NeXT / Apple, Sun Microsystems, NetDynamics, and Rockwell International’s AI labs. Graves has a Masters in Computer Engineering from Stanford University.

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