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Episode 42: Alice Almeida
First Aired: September 10, 2020

• Experienced Researcher – 20 years experience holding senior positions in research at Channel Nine, Seven Network, News Corp and Fairfax Media.
• Held representative roles on the IAB Research and Measurement Councils, working on major industry projects.
• Developed multiple market-first research pieces throughout my career; notably the Online Video Research and Mobile Internet Research, the first conducted
in Australia, and research around Amazon entering the Australian market in 2017 which was picked up by major Australian publishers.
• Presented my research and insight projects at over 60 conferences within APAC.
• Strong knowledge of how research works; from understanding my client’s objectives, designing questionnaires to achieve complete results and interpreting
those results into actionable insights.
• A very strong profile with an excellent reputation within the industry as being passionate, knowledgeable and an industry expert.
• Continuously invited to participate on panels, be interviewed on podcasts, write opinion and thought leadership pieces and to present at conferences.
Highlight was being invited to participate in a panel discussion at SXSW in Austin, Texas and to provide evidence and insights at the senate inquiry into Public
Interest Journalism in 2017.

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