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Destination Cyber
Episode 4: Nicholas Desilas
First Aired: November 02, 2022

Nicholas is currently the Inside Sales Manager A/NZ for Palo Alto Networks, the world’s largest Cyber Security Company. Prior to this, Nicholas spent 10 years in the Royal Australian Navy specialising in military combat system integration and strategic communications, with operational deployments across the Middle East and Asia pacific regions. During this period he held multiple positions across various units both on land and at sea, and completed training at the Naval Surface Warfare Centre in Port Hueneme, California as part of an exchange program with the United States Navy.

With a passion for all things military and technology, Nicholas is the co-founder of Deploi Technologies, an early stage military health tech startup building software to improve the military healthcare space. Nicholas holds a Master’s of Business Administration (Technology) from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a certificate in Electronics Engineering, and is the recipient of the Australian Active andOperational Service Medals.

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