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Episode 39: Rinske Geerlings
First Aired: August 19, 2020

Rinske was awarded Risk Consultant of the Year by RMIA (2017), Outstanding Security Consultant Finalist in the OSPAs (2019) and BPW Business Woman of the Year (2010-2013). She is an internationally leading consultant, speaker and certified Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Information Security & Risk Management trainer. Her firm, Business As Usual (BAU), since 2006, has worked with SMEs as well as prestigious clients such as 14 Central Banks and 100s of other public and private organisations worldwide. She draws on more than 20 years’ experience gained across Australasia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Rinske has been changing the way organisations ‘plan for the unexpected’. Her powerful facilitation skills enable organisations to prioritise, cut through information quickly and simplify their processes. She applies a fresh, energetic, fun, practical, easy-to-apply, innovative approach to BCP, Security, Risk and Disaster Recovery… topics often perceived as dull and cumbersome.

Her alter ego includes being lead singer and manager of SophieG, which is involved in major music projects – including those contributing to the global charity Playing For Change, which provides music education to children in disadvantaged regions.

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