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Episode 33: Jen Willmer
First Aired: June 10, 2020

Jen has extensive experience and expertise in Corporate and Commercial Law, and Cyber Security and IT, with a background in Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

From a corporate and commercial perspective, Jen has worked on numerous transactions, ranging from restructures to large complex multi-million dollar cross-border M&A deals. She works with businesses at all sizes, ranging from small family-owned businesses and private companies to ASX-listed companies. Jen also assists with all legal aspects of running a business, from structuring, capital raising, to daily operations, directors’ duties, risk management, corporate governance, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

In terms of cyber security, Jen assists companies to prepare for data breaches by drafting data breach response plans and pre-drafted notification statements, and guiding them through the relevant steps to comply with their legal obligations and manage their crisis communication to regulators, counterparties, customers and other stakeholders.  Jen also works with companies to draft relevant cyber security and privacy contracts, drafting policies, and advising on compliance requirements.

Jen regularly works with cyber security companies to assist them with establishing their own business, drafting terms and conditions and contracts with their clients, and managing their own risk and potential liability in providing their security products and services to clients.

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