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Episode 30: Greg van der Gaast
First Aired: May 20, 2020

Starting as a teenage hacker in the 1990’s, having been involved in the largest mass hack of the time and setting off an international incident after hacking into a nuclear weapons facility, Greg has over two decades of technical, management, and leadership experience in Information Security.

A frequent speaker about bringing leadership, visibility, care, and accountability to the Information Security field and breaking out of today’s reactive status quo, he is an expert in building efficient and effective InfoSec organisations by harnessing human potential and addressing the often cultural root causes within management, IT, and InfoSec itself.

He is currently the Head of Information Security at the University of Salford, a freelance security strategy advisor, guest lecturer, mentor, author, and creator of the UoS Information Security Leadership Programme.

As for the book, ‘Rethinking InfoSec‘ the review:

“If you are ready to make a fundamental change to the way you operate, that will save you money yet allow you to achieve so much more, this book is a must read!”

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