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Destination Cyber
Episode 3: Tinesh Chhaya
First Aired: October 04, 2022

Tinesh has 15 years of successful cyber corporate and 5 years of start-up entrepreneurial cyber experience.
He has built and exited 2 start-ups and currently sits on the board as an advisor to start ups within Cyber, EdTech, Software Development and Social Tech.

Tinesh is a mentor, motivator and advises individuals who are considering an entrepreneurial career as well as being a mental health advocate, keen supporter of mindfulness and self care.

He is a Forbes Technology Council member, part time lecturer at Brunel University and aspiring author.

Tinesh is also a advocate of helping young learners find their place in the working world and helps over 30 young learners a year with his personal time to encourage and motivate them to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.

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