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Episode 28: Matt Flannery
First Aired: May 11, 2020

Matthew is the founder of Ayenem (, a DevSecOps consultancy and founder of DevSecOps Sydney meet up.

Matt gets a kick out of rapidly becoming an expert in new and emerging technologies and pushing past the limits. It might be the joy of winning or just seeing people’s face go oohhh that’s impressive that drives him but, either way he gets results quickly and enjoys mentoring and up-skilling others along the way.

Matt most recently comes from a background at Deloitte where he built out Defensive and Offensive Cloud Security and Security Automation tooling for the DevOps practice, quickly becoming a leader in the DevSecOps / DevOps space where he then went on to build a software engineering powerhouse for a Network Security company. He has delivered robust software delivery pipelines with security automation for FSI, FinTech and large Enterprise companies and is passionate about Security automation and moving away from traditional penetration testing towards an Agile Security Testing and Continuous Security methodology.

He has presented live technical demonstrations and talks on a range of topics such as AWS Security, Docker Security, Serverless Security, DevSecOps and Kubernetes at different Industry events and conferences.

Matt’s core technical skills lie within Cloud Architecture across the big 3 (AWS, Azure, GCP), Platform Development & Engineering, Automation, Container Orchestration, DevOps, Information Security and is presently working with companies to introduce DevSecOps and embrace Continuous Security.

If you have questions for Matt or just want to chat DevSecOps look out for the next DevSecOps Sydney ( meetup.

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