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Episode 247 Deep Dive: Alex Trafton | Strategic Partnerships and Cybersecurity Compliance for Global Defense and Trade Relations
First Aired: March 06, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by with Alex Trafton (Managing Director of National Security, Trade, & Technology – Ankura) to unravel the complex dynamics of cybersecurity, government regulations, and the landscape of defense and technology at a global scale. We explore the challenges and opportunities for small companies, the impact of strategic cooperation between democratic nations, and the crucial role of integrity and innovation in the industry. Join us for a candid conversation that sheds light on the future of cybersecurity and the call for collaboration between nations.

Alex Trafton is a Managing Director in the National Security, Trade, & Technology practice at Ankura Consulting Group, based in Los Angeles, CA, USA. He has over 15 years of experience in finance, risk management, and cybersecurity. Alex leads the NSTT cybersecurity function and serves as a subject matter expert in cybersecurity program design, implementation, and assessment with a focus in foreign investment control and oversight (CFIUS), Defense Industrial Base (DIB) cybersecurity requirements, and international trade control compliance program support (ITAR/EAR). Alex is focused on working with multi-national defense contractors to help them meet cybersecurity and export control requirements before, during, and after mergers and acquisitions.

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