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Episode 245 Deep Dive: Dali Kaafar | Distracting Scammers: Leveraging AI to Protect Against Unwanted and Malicious Calls
First Aired: February 28, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Prof. Dali Kaafar (Executive Director –  Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub, CEO and Founder of APATE.AI) as he discusses the innovative use of conversational AI in combating phone scams. From the manipulation and trust-building tactics employed by scammers to the pressing need for proactive defense measures, Dali sheds light on disrupting scammers’ profits and protecting potential victims. This captivating conversation explores the intersection of technology, psychology, and security, offering valuable perspectives on safeguarding against phone scams in today’s digital landscape.

Dali Kaafar is a Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering and serves as the Executive Director of [The Macquarie University Cyber Security Hub]. In addition to his role as the director of the Data Security and Privacy R&D Program, he oversees the Cyber Range Training Centre (CRTC) and Cyber Security Curriculum at the Institute of Applied Technology-Digital.

Leading a team of collaborators, Professor Kaafar is actively engaged in extensive Research and Development activities within the field of Cyber Security in Emerging Technologies, with a vision to enable Explicit Trust in the Digital Economy. His primary research interests revolve around Data Security and Privacy, specifically focusing on Privacy-Preserving (or Enhancing) technologies, Information Security for Web and Mobile applications, (Provably) private data sharing, and Trustworthy Secure and Private Machine learning techniques.

Before joining Macquarie University, Professor Kaafar served as the group leader and founder of the Information Security and Privacy group at CSIRO Data61. He was previously a principal researcher at National ICT Australia (NICTA) and held a permanent researcher position at the Privatics team at INRIA in France.

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