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Episode 243 Deep Dive: Dean Houari | Addressing Vulnerabilities and Data Exposure: Expert Insights on the Evolution of the API Attack Surface
First Aired: February 16, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Dean Houari from Akamai, as we dive deep into the continuously evolving landscape of API security. The discussion delves into the growing concern of API attacks and the increasing recognition of the need for “security by design” at the board level. Dean shares insights on the shifting nature of application architecture, the vulnerabilities of APIs, and the impact of cloud-native and modern applications on security measures. The conversation emphasizes the need for a comprehensive approach to securing API attack surfaces and preparing for potential breaches. Tune in as Dean provides practical advice and expert perspectives on navigating the complexities of API security.

Dean Houari is the Director of Security Technology and Strategy for Akamai’s Asia-Pacific and Japan region. He is a patent awarded technologist with over two decades of experiences in various engineering and architecture leadership roles.

 At Akamai, Dean is responsible for product and go-to-market strategy for Akamai’s security portfolio, which includes both established and emerging areas in security. His work focuses on encouraging customers to a strategic view of their security programs, and articulating key security design principles that position customers for long-term success in their security strategy.

Prior to Akamai, Dean led the architecture and development of DevSecOps, cloud and cyber security initiatives and innovations. He holds an inventor patent with Cisco Systems, as well as certifications from CCIE, Terraform, and AWS. He is also an avid powerlifter who has lifted a personal best of 650kg.

Dean attended Carnegie Mellon University and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan. 


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