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Episode 241 Deep Dive: Mary Carmichael | Workplace Evolution: Addressing AI Skepticism, Embracing Advancements, and Navigating New Realities
First Aired: February 09, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Mary Carmichael (Vice President – ISACA Vancouver) as we dive deep into the Generative AI 2023: An ISACA Pulse Poll. Mary discusses addressing vulnerabilities and biases in AI, the societal impact on jobs and the need for upskilling, and the importance of responsible AI deployment and ethical considerations.

Mary Carmichael, CISA, CFE, CPA, is Director, Risk Advisory, at Momentum Technology (Vancouver Canada), and member of ISACA’s Emerging Trends Working Group and Risk Advisory Committee.

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Generative AI 2023: An ISACA Pulse Poll infographic

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