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Episode 240 Deep Dive: Cricket Liu | The Past, Present, and Future of DNS: Security Evolution, Collaboration, and Maximizing Infrastructure Efficiency
First Aired: February 07, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Cricket Liu (EVP Engineering, Chief DNS Architect – Infoblox) as we dive deep into the critical role of Domain Name System (DNS) security in closing the gap in today’s interconnected world. Cricket sheds light on the importance of protecting critical infrastructure and the significant role DNS plays in enhancing visibility and blocking threats. Brought about by his unexpected entry into the field of DNS, his extensive experience in the evolution of the internet from its nascent stages brings historical context to the dialogue, uncovering parallels between the apprehension surrounding generative AI technology and early sentiments toward the internet’s unknown prospects.

Cricket Liu is one of the world’s leading experts on the Domain Name System (DNS), and serves as the liaison between Infoblox and the DNS community. Before joining Infoblox, he founded an Internet consulting and training company, Acme Byte & Wire, after running the domain at Hewlett-Packard. Cricket is a prolific speaker and author, having written a number of books including “DNS and BIND,” one of the most widely used references in the field, now in its fifth edition.

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