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Episode 236 Deep Dive: Jenai Marinkovic | AI Governance Unveiled: Managing Risks, Setting Policies, and Upholding Ethical Standards
First Aired: January 10, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by Jenai Marinkovic (Executive Director & Chairman of the Board – GRC for Intelligent ecosystems or GRCIE) as we discuss ISACA’s White Paper – The Promise and Peril of the AI Revolution: Managing Risk. We discuss the risks, challenges, and societal impact of generative AI, while also touching on the urgent need for policies, frameworks, and control structures to address these evolving concerns. Jenai also talks about the crucial role of ethical standards in the deployment of AI, the implications of job displacement and skills adaptation, and the future of AI through the lens of governance, cybersecurity, and training.

Jenai Marinkovic is a multidisciplinary technologist and strategist with 20 years of experience in architecting, building and securing systems at scale. She has designed and operated in real-time over the top streaming ecosystems that power live sports, gaming, and entertainment. She’s also worked in biomedical manufacturing and laboratory diagnostics, healthcare tech and robotics in agriculture.

Jenai’s worked with artificial intelligence, its impact on diversity and inclusion as well as improving human empathy towards machines. She has expertise in designing the next generation security experiences necessary to support digital transformation She has built and run design, architecture, innovation, engineering, security and operations teams. Her security expertise spans security architecture, engineering, defense, and forensics and invented a cyber defense framework for large scale breaches based on American football. Jenai has worked for large enterprise brands including DIRECTV, Electronic Arts, Beckman Coulter and international investigations firms such as Kroll.

Now she serves as the Executive Director & Chairman of the Board at GRC for Intelligent ecosystems or GRCIE (Pronounced Gracie).

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