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Episode 232 Deep Dive: Pierre Liddle | Future-Proofing Security: Unpacking Cloud Native Application Protection Platforms (CNAPP)
First Aired: December 08, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Pierre Liddle (Co-Founder, Plerion) dive deep into the ever-evolving landscape of cloud security, tackling misconceptions, and examining the potential of cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPP) as a line of defense against attacks. We shed light on the dynamic nature of security threats, the benefits of cloud technology, and the strategic importance of finding the right partners.

Pierre Liddle is a distinguished expert with over 20 years of dedicated experience in the dynamic field of security. As the Co-founder and CTO of Plerion, he serves as the guiding force behind the company’s strategic vision. Pierre’s extensive career includes an impressive seven-year tenure at AWS, where he played a crucial role in driving global internal security programs and collaborating with customers to design, build, and manage secure cloud workloads. This direct and hands-on engagement has equipped him with an unparalleled understanding of the precise challenges and pain points that organisations encounter in the realm of cloud security.

With a profound commitment to enhancing cloud security practices, and a vision to make the world a safer place by empowering customers to conquer the future, Pierre brings his wealth of knowledge to the forefront at Plerion. His leadership and domain expertise empower the company to provide cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of businesses in an increasingly digital world. Pierre’s invaluable insights and dedication to innovation underscore his role as a driving force behind Plerion’s mission to revolutionise cloud security.

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