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Episode 229 Deep Dive: Rad Kanapathipillai | Enhancing Security Posture: Prioritising Data Protection in Organisations
First Aired: November 29, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Rad Kanapathipillai (Head of Engineering at DevOps1) as he sheds light on the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive data right from the development phase through to production. The discussion delves into the challenges organisations encounter in protecting sensitive information and the pressing need for encryption, compliance, and code and password protection to prevent data breaches. Rad also emphasizes the urgency of prioritising data protection and implementing strategies that elevate its significance. Moreover, the conversation touches on the evolving focus on security in agile environments and the empowerment of developers to code securely. Throughout the episode, Rad presents insightful solutions, including the use of automation and AI to address security issues.

Rad, Head of Engineering at DevOps1, is a seasoned tech expert with 15+ years in the industry.

Specialising in Platforms and Security, Rad has led platform and devsecops transformations at organisations like Spark New Zealand, ANZ Government, and top financial institutions.

With a strong track record in project management and ethics, Rad has also contributed significantly at Ampion/Wipro’s cybersecurity division, Shelde where he was a Cloud Consulting partner.

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