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Episode 224 Deep Dive: Ben Gestier | Understanding Converging Threats: A Discussion on Cyber and Physical Security Awareness
First Aired: November 10, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Ben Gestier (Senior Intelligence Analyst and Team Lead APAC/EMEA – Flashpoint) as we dive deep into the complex and often underappreciated intersection of cyber and physical security. We explore the challenges of understanding and addressing cyber threats in the Australian context and the need to educate and empower individuals and organizations to navigate these evolving dangers. From the use of open source forums by threat actors to the convergence of online communication on real-world actions, Ben sheds light on the vital importance of collaboration and awareness in combating cyber and physical security threats. Tune in as Ben Gestier shares insights and experiences that highlight the critical nexus between the digital and physical realms, and learn from his call to action to enhance our understanding and preparedness in the face of converging security risks.

Ben is Senior Intelligence Analyst and Team Lead APAC/EMEA with risk intelligence firm Flashpoint. He’s former intelligence with Australian Federal Police and Australian Defence Force.

In his current role, Ben seeks to synchronise efforts across time zones and threat types to assist in protecting businesses and government elements from threats. This can include identification of risks, vulnerabilities, advanced persistent threats, and how these can manifest in the real world.

The nexus between the online threat and the physical world is where Flashpoint strives to provide assistance to its clients to help in protecting people, assets, information, and infrastructure.

Prior to joining Flashpoint, Ben was a Criminal Intelligence Analyst with the Australian Federal Police. As part of his work with AFP, Ben established the Aviation Protection Assessment Team (APAT), which was responsible for undertaking physical vulnerability assessments at airports across Australia. An integral part of this role included understanding the online communication methodology of criminal and threat elements. During his time with the ADF, Ben worked as part of the intelligence capability, in operations both domestically and internationally.

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