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Episode 223 Deep Dive: Puneeta Chellaramani | The Road to Smart Cities: Challenges, Sustainability, and Citizen Impact
First Aired: November 08, 2023

In this episode, we delve into the dynamic landscape of smart cities with a captivating discussion featuring Puneeta Chellaramani. Puneeta enlightens us on the potential benefits, ethical implications, and the evolving challenges associated with the implementation of smart city initiatives. We explore every angle from the increasing threat landscape to the potential impact on sustainability and citizens. Tune in now and learn more about digital twins, spatial services, and the implications of smart cities to everyday life.

Puneeta offers management consulting and cyber security experience with a pragmatic approach in implementing sustainable change. She is both a coach and advisor to clients across diverse industries advocating a 2-speed approach when navigating through their cyber, digital and innovation journey.

Connecting vision and reality – she helps organisations move with confidence to overcome the challenges of an ever changing threat landscape, and work with them all the way from business intent to value realisation & combat business risks.

Puneeta has been a cyber security Practitioner helping CISOs & CROs adopt pragmatic solutions that Reduce business & Compliance Risks; harnessing her exuberant skills & experience across consultative selling, building security business solutions, customer management, security advisory & roadmaps across large transformation programs.

She has provided leadership and managed large and distributed teams, managing a multi-vendor and rightshore delivery model, be seen as a cyber/technology enablement advisor in a diverse and geographically dispersed working environment partnering seamlessly across business and IT.

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