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Episode 222 Deep Dive: David Chow | A Conversation on the Impact of Geopolitics on Cybersecurity
First Aired: November 03, 2023

In this episode, we dive deep into the intersection of global events and issues and cybersecurity. David discusses the impact of geopolitical risks on cybersecurity, the urgent need for collaboration, comprehensive risk management, and the adoption of security strategies such as zero-trust.

From international trade tension to the Ukraine-Russia conflict, David and KB delve into the complex interdependencies and challenges in safeguarding organizations worldwide.

David Chow brings over 20 years of experience in the federal government to his role as Chief Technology Strategy officer. His focus includes analysing, managing, and implementing technologies to assist with building and maintaining a global cybersecurity strategy. Much of his expertise stems from working alongside the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to modernise the agency’s mortgage loan systems and mature its cybersecurity program. He served on a number of additional roles within the federal government, including executive and leadership positions at the Department of Transportation and the White House. Prior to joining Trend Micro, David demonstrated success in accelerated digital transformation through secured cloud adoption as the Global SVP on NextGen Solutions at CoreLogic, a FinTech data company. David Chow is on the Advisory Board of George Mason College of Engineering and Computing.

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