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Episode 218 Deep Dive: Annie Haggar | Putting Together A Complex and Evolving Jigsaw Puzzle: A Discussion on the Intersection of Cyber and the Law
First Aired: October 18, 2023

In this episode, we dive deep into the intersection of cybersecurity and the legal world, as Annie Haggar of Cyber GC takes us through the pros and cons of additional barriers to entry in the industry, the impact of regulations on quality assurance, diversity, and the existing skills gap. Annie also discusses how businesses can navigate and strategise in terms of compliance with industry-specific legislations, and how governments can strike a balance between effective regulation and reasonable costs for compliance.

Annie is the founder and principal of Cyber GC – a legal and consulting practice dedicated to helping Australian businesses prepare for and fight cyberattacks. Annie is a multi-award-winning cybersecurity lawyer and was recently awarded General Counsel of the Year (Australian Law Awards – Lawyers Weekly – 2021).

She brings to Cyber GC the experience gained in 20 years as a technology lawyer, 12 years working for one of the largest technology companies in the world and 6 years as global legal counsel for Accenture Security, one of the largest security companies in the world. She specialises in advising on enterprise security risk, cyber regulation, procurement risk management, and the impact on the whole organisation of cybersecurity issues.

Based in Canberra, Australia, she lives with her two little girls (3 and 5), husband Tony and fur baby, Scout the Jack Russell-Foxy cross. Outside of work and volunteering, you will find her tending to her bees, cooking Ottolenghi, tending her veggie patch and sewing, quilting, knitting and crafting.

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