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Episode 216 Deep Dive: Adam O’Donnell | Balancing Usability and Complexity: The Eternal Dilemma in Cybersecurity
First Aired: October 11, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Special Forces team commander, Adam O’Donnell (CEO, Convergence Systems), as we explore the challenges and opportunities faced by SMBs in understanding their cybersecurity needs and finding affordable solutions. Together, we explore the complex ecosystem of cyber and the intricacies in finding the right balance between usability and security, which is no easy feat!

As a Special Forces team commander, Adam O’Donnell successfully led high-performing teams in some of the most hostile and volatile places on earth.

Looking back, he’d be the first to agree that his transition into the world of cybersecurity was something of an accident but he soon found that the decision-making, planning and leadership skills that served him so well leading combat operations and peacekeeping missions around the world also paved the way to a very successful corporate career leading cyber resilience uplift programs across government and large enterprise.

The challenge, he realised, was that his work was actually creating another problem – small and medium enterprises were being left behind in the cyber arms race and becoming increasingly vulnerable to attackers who only ever seem to grow in their sophistication and numbers.  As CEO of Convergence Systems, a Melbourne-based startup, he’s leading the creation of an eXtended Detection & Response system designed specifically for the cloud-based SME market and delivered at a price they can afford.

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