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Episode 214 Deep Dive: Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri | Understanding the Banking Industry: Regulations, PCI DSS Compliance, and Additional Controls Against Breaches
First Aired: October 04, 2023

Protecting customer data has become a critical priority for banking and financial institutions worldwide. With the ever-increasing threat landscape and the potential devastating consequences of data breaches, organizations are taking significant steps to enhance their data security measures. In this episode, we dive deep into the world of banking compliance and cybersecurity regulations as Syed Ubaid Ali Jafri brings us his expertise as the (Head of Cyber Defense & Offensive Security – HBL), one of the leading banks in Pakistan. Ubaid shares insights on achieving Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, the challenges faced by banks in meeting these strict requirements, and the importance of trust and verification in the zero-trust model. We also explore the banking regulations in Pakistan, the measures taken to reduce the threat landscape and potential attacks, and the additional controls that have significantly reduced breaches.

Ubaid Jafri is a dynamic and talented motivational speaker renowned for his distinctive ability to seamlessly weave real-life experiences into captivating presentations. With over 12 years of invaluable experience in the commercial banking and risk management consultancy sectors, he has carved a niche as an expert in Information Security. His speaking engagements are not only entertaining but also deeply enriching, offering audiences practical insights into real-world work scenarios across diverse industries.

Ubaid Jafri’s professional journey encompasses leadership roles that define his expertise. Currently serving as the Head of Cyber Defense and Offensive Security at Habib Bank Limited, he previously held the position of Senior Manager Cyber Security & Forensic Technology at KPMG. His proficiency extends to Cyber Defense, Offensive Security, Red Teaming, Cyber Analytics, IoT, Digital Forensics, Incident Handling & Response, and various other crucial areas.

Ubaid Jafri’s impact on the cybersecurity landscape is marked by a series of achievements that demonstrate his tenacity and expertise. He has conducted numerous communication and cybersecurity intrusions, as well as penetration red-team attacks, for a diverse array of organizations, including utilities, power companies, Banking & Financial Institutions, and more. These proactive initiatives have consistently unearthed critical vulnerabilities, thwarting unauthorized access, system compromises, sensitive information disclosures, and control hijackings. His vigilant approach has significantly contributed to safeguarding organizations from the looming threat of massive cyber breaches.

Ubaid Jafri’s speaking engagements, fueled by engaging narratives, practical insights, and heroic anecdotes, position him as an exceptional motivational speaker. His mission is to empower audiences with the tools to navigate the digital era confidently, equipped with the knowledge to safeguard against evolving cybersecurity challenges.

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