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Episode 208 Deep Dive: Ben Doyle | Purposeful Leadership: Essential Conversations Cyber Executives Should Focus On
First Aired: September 13, 2023

Ben is an accomplished information security executive with over 20 years of international information security experience. Due to his many years of providing strategic C-level/board advice, he is able to apply technical threats into appropriate business contexts to determine overall risk to organisations. During this time Ben has been required to manage complex environments that requires balancing local and global organisational policies, domestic regulations, national security requirements, export control and international trade control restrictions, and applying the process, people and technology to ensure successful compliance.

Ben maintains his strong passion for the technical aspects of information security and recently has been focusing on creating new business opportunities by working across the breath of the global organisation’s capabilities while teaming and supporting small innovative start up technology companies.

Ben speaks regularly at international, interstate and local conferences, seminars and round tables

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