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Episode 206 Deep Dive: Gergana Winzer | From Fragmentation to Integration: Collaborative Solutions for a Secure Cyber Future
First Aired: September 06, 2023

An IT and cybersecurity professional, Gergana works with clients to develop creative approaches to reduce their cyber and data security risks. She assists organisations to improve their cyber security posture and supports them to achieve cyber resilient outcomes. Gergana believes that cyber is a business enabler; an intrinsic part of developing the business that can help organisations become more competitive in today’s world.

Gergana is an experienced and respected member of the cybersecurity community in Australia and Asia and an engaging keynote and public speaker on cyber security and privacy matters, risks and issues to the business community. In her spare time, she mentors young professionals and is an advocate for diversity.

Prior to KPMG, Gergana worked for a global IT solutions company as Industry Director Cyber Security for the Asia Pacific region. She was a member of the Australian Information Security Association (AISA) national board and ISACA Sydney board.

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