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Episode 199 Deep Dive: Wayne Williamson | Navigating Agile Environments, Executive Involvement, and Risk Prioritisation
First Aired: July 26, 2023

In this episode of KBKast, Wayne Williamson shares his insights on agile security structures and the importance of prioritizing cybersecurity within organizations. Wayne also highlights the challenges of navigating traditional, centralized structures and emphasizes the need for organizations to pivot and make tweaks to their structures and approaches when undergoing transformation.

Wayne Williamson joined Equifax in August 2020. Wayne has over 20 years’ experience across Information Security and Cyber Resilience spanning large financial organisations within Australia, UK and Europe.

An experienced executive, Wayne is passionate about delivering the right level of oversight, being pragmatic in addressing threats – without compromising cost and user experience, as well as embedding a culture of information security protection ‘by design’ that delivers measured business value and buys-down risk in a cost-effective manner.

Prior to joining Equifax, Wayne held senior roles at Allianz Australia as the Chief Information Security Officer, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as an Executive Security Officer and abroad at KPMG (UK) and Royal Dutch Shell (UK/Netherlands) as a Security Executive advisor focusing on information protection, business resilience and cyber strategy delivery.

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