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Episode 197 Deep Dive: Vaile Mexted | The Immediate, Irrevocable, and Unstoppable Rise of Real-Time Payments
First Aired: July 19, 2023

In this episode of KBKast, we are joined by Vaile Mexted as we delve into the world of real-time payments and the rapid growth of digital payment options. Vaile discusses the evolving customer expectations and the need for banks to invest heavily in digital tools to stay ahead of fraud and scam risks, and  the importance of building trust in the fraud, cyber, and scam space, and how banks can effectively manage the customer experience while ensuring security.

Vaile Mexted is the New Zealand Country Manager for FICO and Senior Account Director for the Australian market. He has over 25 years’ experience across the technology and financial services sectors delivering enterprise data and analytic solutions, with a particular focus on credit risk management. He is an evangelist for the power of enterprise-wide analytics and decision management, and works to deliver true business value to leading organisations across New Zealand and Australia and their customers. Vaile joined FICO from the Bank of New Zealand, where he was Manager Decision Strategy and then Retail Models programme manager. Based in Wellington, New Zealand, Vaile holds both commerce and science degrees, with a focus on decision management, statistics and operations research.

Founded in 1956, FICO is a pioneer in the use of predictive analytics, AI and data science to improve operational decisions. As a unified platform for fraud and compliance, Fraud Prevention on the FICO Platform helps financial institutions detect and prevent criminal activity before real-time transfer occurs.

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