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Episode 195 Deep Dive: Christopher Pogue | Breaking Stereotypes, Challenging the Status Quo, and Exploring the US Cybersecurity Market
First Aired: July 14, 2023

In this episode of KBKast, we are once again joined by Chris Pogue (CyberCX – US Director of Digital Forensics and Incident Response), as we dive deep into the world of cybersecurity, with a focus on the challenges faced by Australian companies and the potential benefits of breaking through the US market.

Chris Pogue is the Director of Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) for CyberCX in the Americas and is a member of the global DFIR leadership team.

Over his 25-year career, Chris has led multiple professional security and services organizations to investigate data breaches, secure corporate computing assets and critical value data, implement wide-scale compliance regimes, and help executives and boards of directors both qualify and quantify security risks.

His extensive experience is drawn from careers as a cybercrimes investigator, ethical hacker, military officer, law enforcement and military instructor, university professor, business executive, and board advisor.

Chris served in the United States Army as a Signal Corps Warrant Officer, participating in multiple joint task force missions is support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and the Global War on Terror.  He distinguished himself as an Honor Graduate from a variety of Army Academies and Schools and received multiple awards and commendations for excellence.

Chris was also an active member of the United States Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force in multiple field offices as well as the Headquarters Division.  He has also been the recipient of multiple Secret Service Certificates of Appreciation.

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