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Episode 188 Deep Dive: Darren Reid | Prioritising Protection: Why Endpoint Security Should be a Top Priority
First Aired: June 14, 2023

In this episode, Darren delves into the challenges facing the security industry, with fragmented tools and technologies making it difficult for organisations to keep up with the overwhelming volume of data being produced. Bringing together endpoint, network, and identity detection can help pre-correlate and line up activity against a toolset to present legitimate intelligence to SoC teams, thus helping to reduce alert fatigue and enable quick response to potential threats. This episode also discusses the growing popularity of XDR, an extension to traditional cybersecurity tools designed to provide a single console view of network, endpoint, and identity telemetry. While not every organisation will deploy XDR, more and more will move towards its use to better prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

Darren is currently the Senior Director of the Security Business Unit for Asia-Pacific & Japan at VMWare. He has over 25 years’ experience in leading organisations in the Information Technology industry. With both domestic and international experience, Darren has helped build and grow a number of organisations in a wide variety of countries.

As companies move to benefit from a multi-cloud world, ensuring their data and applications are secured while still providing an outstanding user experience becomes paramount. VMWare helps organisations of all sizes embrace multi-cloud while delivering a single, holistic, security experience to protect and enable their organisational transformation. From on-premise through private cloud, public cloud, and containers, Carbon Black supports all the different ways a customer may deploy their applications.

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