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Episode 175: William Gooderson
First Aired: April 11, 2023

William Gooderson is a high-performance coach and speaker who has worked across Australia and the Asia Pacific region providing coaching and workshops to multiple public and private sector organisations. He focuses on training around personal well-being, building resilience in self and others, leading high performing teams in complex environments, and overcoming cultural challenges in the workplace.

William’s experience has been developed over two decades that included: serving as a British Army officer, paratrooper, and engineer, across Europe and the Middle East leading large multinational teams in both the special forces and human intelligence communities; and working in the Australian private and public sectors developing leaders and team’s capabilities on the skills required to lead self and others, whilst adapting to the challenges of evolving workforces and a hybrid pandemic environment.

William is an Adjunct Lecturer on resilience at the University of Tasmania’s school of medicine and is a frequent speaker with multiple National and State groups. In his spare time, he has enjoyed coaching his son’s rugby and basketball teams, is a member of societal relevance projects that educate refugee schoolchildren and disadvantaged individuals on how to take ownership of their circumstances and runs a mental health and wellbeing group for local Dads.

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