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Episode 170: Adam P. Henry
First Aired: March 23, 2023

Adam P. Henry is a cyber security thought leader, published author, international speaker and executive. He has developed research and programs focused on addressing the education, skills and workforce gaps, cyber disaster response/resilience, and cyber warfare. His research and initiatives have focused on developing strategies and effective responses to these key issues. He is Senior Advisor at the Social Cyber Institute and an Adjunct Lecturer at the UNSW Canberra.

Adam has participated in national and international projects and programs and also spoken at major conferences in Australia and internationally. Adam has established strong collaborative networks while in search of impactful partnerships in providing innovative solutions to our biggest technological challenges.

Adam has extensive experience in digital and cyber leadership including transformation, developing, leading and executing technology business solutions and strategies. He is a new thought leader in this field, pushing the boundaries with his research while implementing practical solutions to these global issues.

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