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Episode 169: Lori MacVittie
First Aired: March 21, 2023

Lori MacVittie is Principal Technical Evangelist, Office of the CTO, for application security and delivery company, F5. She and F5 CTO, Geng Lin, recently published their book, ‘Enterprise Architecture for Digital Business’, which outlines how to modernise IT for a digital-first world.

The book clarifies why companies struggle with digital transformation, and what it takes to transform IT to become a data-driven, AI-supported digital business.

The book outlines an architecture framework for transitioning IT to operate as a digital business, support innovation and address today’s biggest IT challenges. Each chapter focuses on a specific domain and analyses the trends and technologies driving change, as well as provides recommendations to help organisations adapt.

Lori is a technologist and principal technical evangelist in F5’s Office of the CTO with an emphasis on emerging architectures and technologies including cloud and edge computing, digital transformation, automation and orchestration, microservices, and application delivery.

She has more than 25 years of industry experience spanning application development, IT architecture, and network and systems operation. She co-authored the CADD profile for ANSI NCITS 320-1998 and holds a US patent for application delivery provisioning. MacVittie is a contributing author of books on cloud security and object-oriented development and has authored books on application security and XAML.

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