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Episode 164: Liam Ryan
First Aired: February 28, 2023

Liam RYAN is the CEO of GM Risk Group, a Intelligence Solutions and High Risk Consultancy firm with its Head Office in Australia and entities in both The US and Netherlands. He  has 15 + years industry experience ranging from operational surveillance, close personal protection and logistics in high risk and conflict zones around the globe, to executive security and risk management, corporate advisory and the provision of complex security solutions for large multinationals and ultra-high net worth entities.

Operational experience though out Australia, South East Asia, North, East, South and West Africa, the Americas,  Middle East and most recently Ukraine.

Liam has recently returned after multiple deployments in Ukraine where GM Risk Group have been providing Security Advisory, Logistics, Close Protection and Emergency Management for media clients covering the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Liam and GM Risk Group first deployed to Ukraine in early January 2022, and in the following months had over 15 teams across the country. They maintained a presence since and have also been providing civilian evacuations, safe access for NGO’s and supply chains of aid.

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