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Episode 152: Remy Coll and Simon Smalley
First Aired: December 22, 2022

Remy is a blue team cyber security expert with a decade of experience in Federal Government, Private Sector, Law Enforcement, and the Military. He holds a Diploma in Networking, and a Diploma in Systems Administration. He is a GIAC certified security leader, ISO 27001 lead auditor, and IRAP assessor #194.

Remy has been awarded a commendation for his cyber training programs, commanded the first Army Cyber Protection Team, and MC’s the ADF Cyber Skills Challenge conference every year. He studied Acting at Victorian College of the Arts and has performed in theatres nationally. Every training program, workshop, or presentation that involves him is always more engaging and entertaining than anything involving cyber security has the right to be.

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Simon is a red team cyber security expert with experience in National Intelligence, the Military, and Law Enforcement. He holds a Master of Cyber Security (Advanced Tradecraft) with Excellence from UNSW ADFA. He is an OSCP, eCPPT, a GIAC certified security leader, GIAC certified systems auditor, and IRAP assessor #1308.

A former NSW Police officer, Simon has worked in counter-terrorism & special tactics, investigations, and digital forensics. More recently, Simon has been working directly for the Australian Government within the National Intelligence Community. He has spoken at a number of cyber security conferences, on both technical subjects and case studies on technical investigations, and is a mentor on the ADF Cyber Gap Program.

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