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Episode 141: Sarah Sloan
First Aired: November 04, 2022

Sarah Sloan is the Head of Government Affairs & Public Policy for Australia and New Zealand at Palo Alto Networks. She advises the company’s leadership on a range of cyber and technology policy/regulatory issues, builds strategic relationships across all tiers of government and acts as a trusted private sector adviser to governments in the region.

Prior to her role with Palo Alto Networks, Sarah worked at Accenture Security on a number of government projects and quickly developed a formidable reputation for delivery and stakeholder management in challenging and nationally significant programs..

Sarah has spent 10+ years working in the Federal Government, predominantly in cyber crime and cyber security. She has a proven track record of delivering results at the operational and strategic levels of government and is passionate about improving Australia and New Zealand’s cyber security posture.

Sarah is a graduate of the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) and Bachelor of Asia and the Pacific Studies. She also holds a Graduate Diploma of Asia and the Pacific Studies (Japanese), Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, and a Master of International Laws, where she wrote her thesis on international norms and cyber security.

Sarah is Chair of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) Cyber Security Policy Advisory Network and is an elected member of the AIIA ACT/Federal Council. She is also a member of the AmCham Digital Economy and Innovation Committee.

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