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Episode 130: Apurva Chiranewala
First Aired: September 16, 2022

Apurva Chiranewala is the General Manager of fintech company Block Earner, where he oversees global operations, growth and expansion, and builds strategic partnerships.

Formerly head of shipping at eBay and chief development officer at fast-growing logistics scale-up Sendle, Chiranewala has worked in a number of high-profile leadership roles at large corporations and startups alike.

As an early pioneer in eCommerce, Chiranewala has closely witnessed the disruption of traditional retail and shipping industries globally during his career first at Snapdeal, one of India’s earliest eCommerce unicorns, at and Sendle here in Australia. Chiranewala foresees a parallel path of disruption happening now due to blockchain technology in the traditional finance space.

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