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Destination Cyber
Episode 13: Kate Raulings
First Aired: May 05, 2023

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Kate has worked across multiple industries, including telecommunications, retail, public sector, health, and others. Throughout this time, Kate has moved from roles in digital communication and innovation, through to senior strategic roles in government and private enterprise. Leveraging a diverse background in communications, user experience and design thinking, Kate easily translates technical concepts to strategically aligned business focused imperatives.


As a Senior Consultant for Logicalis Australia, and certified Information Security Manager, Kate works with a diverse range of clients providing advice and strategic guidance on cyber security, IT operating models, information management, and protection. Kate’s ability to help organisations develop and align ICT, cybersecurity, and information management strategies to their corporate and strategic goals, has meant Kate is a much sought-after consultant.

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