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Episode 124: Kevin Chen
First Aired: August 19, 2022

Kevin Chen is one of the pioneer preachers of the Chinese blockchain industry and a well experienced international investor in the Fintech industry. He has achieved successful business investment and management experience in China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai and Australia. Kevin is the founder of Australia KJ Strategic Investment Pty Ltd and CloudTech Group and served as the Chief Strategic Officer of China Fortune Holdings Limited during 2017-2019 and the Financial Director of Country Heights Holding Berhad, Malaysia, from 2020-2022. As one of the most well-known institutional investors in the blockchain industry, Kevin is actively involved in project incubation and early investment. He has been an angel investor in many well-known projects, such as Binance, VeChain and aelf cloud network. After founding CloudTech Group in Dubai and Australia, he led the team to successfully establish the Blockchain World Summit and host the DCS 2021 summit in Dubai.

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