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Episode 121: Louay Saleh
First Aired: August 05, 2022

Louay Saleh is a Cyber Security Senior Manager with more than 13 years of experience in the domain and overall experience of more than 21 years. When he was at his junior year at the university, Louay started to develop his passion for Cyber Security and realized that this is the field in which he wants to specialize.

Starting his career in the Software Development area and then moving to the IT Support and Operations, Louay was always aiming to advance his knowledge and experience in different IT areas in order to move to the Cyber Security. It was when he joined one of the Big 4 firms; Deloitte, that Louay was finally able to start working in that area. He worked in both Security Consulting and IT Audit; where he advised large customers mainly in the Banking, Financial, and Telecommunication fields. He then moved to Ernst & Young for a few months and similarly working with the same type of customers, before joining the National Bank of Egypt. Louay was responsible for building and leading the team in charge of the technical assessment activities such as the Vulnerability Management and Penetration Testing, in addition to the Incident Handling and Cyber Threat Intelligence. Louay considers those areas as his main specializations so he always tries to advance his knowledge and skills. A great deal of that is through doing the hands-on himself; whether during the work assignments or during the leisure time, as he always believes in building a good technical foundation and enhancing it whatever the job position one reaches. However, he also believes in balancing the technical expertise with the excellent leadership and business skills.

Louay acquired a few certificates such as GWAPT, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, and C|EH, and attended many hands-on trainings. Louay is also a seasonal Capture The Flag (CTF) player.

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