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Episode 12: John Karabin
First Aired: April 21, 2023

John Karabin is the Senior Director of Cybersecurity for NTT Ltd in Australia, and is responsible for Australia’s security strategic direction, capability and go-to-market. He builds trusted partnerships with clients and technologists, bringing a keen focus to customer-centric delivery and operations.

John specialises in risk-based information security, combining a consulting led approach to meet the practical security needs for organisations increasingly dealing with a growing threat landscape and organisational change.

John has more than 25 years’ experience in information and communications technology (ICT), working in various locations around the world. He has dealt with a wide range of organisations, having worked with government and commercial entities across many geographies.

Before joining NTT, John was a Partner at EY leading their government risk and information security practice. Prior to this, he was the APAC Managing Director for Security at Verizon and also ran their Australian Telecommunications business.

John holds a Graduate Diploma in Technology Management from Deakin University and a bachelor’s degree from Curtin University in Communication Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science.

In his spare time, John is a volunteer firefighter with the NSW Rural Fire Service and a board member with Cyrise, Australia’s premier Cybersecurity start-up incubator.

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