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Destination Cyber
Episode 11: Dominic Vogel
First Aired: April 14, 2023

As Founder & Chief Strategist at CyberSC, Dominic Vogel holds a proven track record within cyber security across a multitude of industries (financial services, logistics, transportation, healthcare, government, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure). Dominic is a well-respected cyber security thought lead for appearing on media news outlets across North America and Internationally on BBC World News.

Dominic also hosts the Cyber Security Matters Podcast, a highly regarded podcast that explores the intersection between cyber security and business.

Dominic focuses much of his energy on providing strategic security leadership to technology start-ups and small/midsize businesses to proactively solve their cyber risk challenges. He strives to provide practical cyber security advice to his clients and actively turning the security consulting world upside down. He is also a self-professed positive troll and believes in the AWESOME power of uplifting others!

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