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Episode 106: Kim Coetzer & Fred Venter
First Aired: May 04, 2022
Kim Coetzer has more than two decades of experience in the delivery of projects within complex organisations, delivering outcomes by applying expert knowledge in Information Management, Leadership as well as wide ranging business expertise. His experience has been with a diverse array of business initiatives with a focus on the Financial Services, Mining, Oil & Gas, Energy, and Insurance industries. He is well versed in modern information technology and business environments and has a broad range of skills including Problem Solving, Leadership, People Management, Strategic Insights, Stakeholder Management and Innovation.
A passionate Information Management Specialist and Program Manager with extensive experience in the delivery of projects within complex organisations, Frederick Venter has a proven track record of leading diverse teams. He thrives in environments that challenge conventional thinking, and his leadership achieves the ultimate goal of generating assets where previously only data existed while establishing governance structures to ensure ongoing value. A key focus for Fred is on the delivery of increased performance in organisations through successful implementation of business-driven outcomes supported by a commitment to stakeholder management.

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