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Episode 104: Trent Telford
First Aired: April 20, 2022

A seasoned entrepreneur with deep experience in the technology sector, Trent is a seasoned data and security expert, often called upon by the government and enterprise to help advise on how to manage regulated data in complex environments.

Trent founded two technology companies in the U.S. and London with one culminating in an IPO. Today, Trent today is the CEO and Chairman of Cocoon Data and holds two board positions as a Non-Executive Director.

Prior to Cocoon Data, Trent founded and led the IPO of technology cyber security company Covata on the ASX. Prior to this, he ran a successful start-up specializing in telco/mobile marketing in partnership with STW/WPP (premium SMS voting on TV/radio/consumer products) and was Chairman of an Australian ASX listed Bio-tech company.

His foundation years in the technology industry was as a Business Analyst and Solutions Architect at one of the world’s first NASDAQ listed global technology consulting companies – Seranova. With graduate years spent with Bankers Trust and Deutsch Bank in London in global middle office and projects (FX/Euro conversion/Y2K)

Today, Trent and the Cocoon Data team leverage their secure object, patented technology to help keep companies and sovereign data safe, from harm’s way.

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