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Destination Cyber
Episode 10: William Makdessi
First Aired: April 07, 2023

William is an IT Professional and ISACA-certified Cyber Security Auditor with over 15 years experience in Networks and Information Technology across a broad range of industries including local government, insurance, public health, construction, automotive and commercial design.

William is the Cyber Risk Lead at InConsult, helping organisations to develop or improve their Cyber Resilience. In recent years, he has worked with a large number of Local Government Areas, State Government, Insurers and Health Insurers to assess maturity, aid in continual improvement and even develop complete frameworks from scratch in line with ISO 27001, APRA CPS 234 and the NIST Cyber Security Framework.

With a highly technical background, William provides a uniquely personal point of view having dealt with threats first hand. Through framework development, awareness training, phishing campaigns and much more, he is on a mission to help critical areas of Australian business better prepare rather than waiting around to respond.

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