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On this page you can complete your registration as a guest for the KBKAST podcast. As you go through the process, you’ll automatically receive all the support and direction you should need. If you encounter any issues, by all means reach out to anytime.

Welcome to KBI.Media!


Hey There, 

We’re excited to speak with you and provide our audience with the insight and wisdom you’ve accumulated within the security sphere.

We like to run things like a well-oiled machine so it’s as easy and low friction for you as possible, and that the end result is optimal. With your knowledge if you follow the steps in our process, it’s pretty hard to not be amazing in our time together to make a great podcast!

Once you complete this form and the Talent Release on the next page, you’ll be directed to select a time that works for your schedule from the times we have available for the Podcast if you’ve not already arranged a time.

Because we spend so much time recording podcasts and making films – and they both have a lot of moving parts – any hiccups in scheduling can really throw off our production schedule, so please ensure you chose a time and date carefully.

The process we’ve created goes a long way to making sure this happens, and even if this is your first podcast or your hundredth, we strongly suggest you go through our process and the matertials you’ll receive and do what you can to put your best foot forward.


– KB & The Krew


Registration ➟

On this page we collect all your details so we can create your profile; a brief bio, headshot, LinkedIn, and the like. This allows us to provide a proper profile on our site and provide you with due credit, as well as linking to social media etc.

Talent Release ➟

We want to make sure you’re comfortable and that you understand the arrangement for your piece to appear on the site. On the next page, you’ll learn what this looks like, and the considerations we’ve taken.

Scheduling ➟

As a default, we’ll publish typically within 48hours,. but sometimes up to a week. Email if time is a factor for publishing, and we’ll do our best to ensure your article is published at that time.


Once the article has been published on our site, we may opt to push it out wider – with full attribution to you of course! You’ll see a button on the right page of page of your article that will let you share it over your own social too!

Guest Writer Registration