Karissa Breen

Karissa Breen, more commonly known as KB, is a serial entrepreneur and founder of KBI.Media, the independent global cybersecurity media company. A LinkedIn ‘Top Voice in Technology’, KB is a Cybersecurity Investigative Journalist that hosts the flagship podcast, KBKast, interviewing leaders from around the globe on cybersecurity and the business problems faced.

KB is known for asking hard-hitting questions and getting real answers from her guests, providing a unique yet neutral position on these topics. KB is also the Producer & Host of the streaming show, 2Fa.tv, where she asks questions to demystify the world of cybersecurity, providing insight into the world of security to business executives, and focuses on the downstream impacts these cybersecurity events have on our markets.

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What We Do

KBI.Media is The Voice of Cyber.

We broadcast some of the most important and informative cyber content from some of the largest organisations, governments, and promising start-ups from around the world.
We're also responsible for creating a lot of it..

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